Introduction, The dachshund is a true fairytale

It is the story of the dachshund, in its nine varieties, told in 250 pages, through words and images. A charming and engaging tale, as are all those stories, who have intelligence and heart as the main character. This fascinating journey is outlined by Patrizio Marcelli through time and is confirming what Victor Hugo wrote: “What the fable invented, the story told.” The true tale of the dachshund starts in Germany. It is immediately enriched by as many chapters as the number of varieties of this breed of dog, each with its special skills that makes it unique. All the different varieties concur to enrich the wonderful tree of life for this race, that is becoming more and more popular. The dachshund is so loved because of its gifts, characteristics, aesthetics and ability to become the main character of everyday family and sport life. The author of this book has made original and valuable historical and scientific findings which are still very important and current for today’s dachshunds. Precious antique images (some have the suggestion and the charm of a rediscovery), are a testimony that has no equal, a valuable document not only for the growing number of breeders, experienced judges and technicians but for all followers of this breed. A breed that is continuously gaining more and more attention for its number of skills and versatility.

Francesco Balducci
President ENCI
(National Board of Italian Cynophiles)

The Book "THE DACHSHUND, Paper images of a dog’s tale"
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author: Patrizio Marcelli
Pages: 248